[D-runtime] druntime commit, revision 483

Jonathan M Davis jmdavisProg at gmx.com
Sat Jan 8 01:00:16 PST 2011

On Saturday 08 January 2011 00:00:21 Brad Roberts wrote:
> All three build started failing:
> win32:
> ../dmd/src/dmd -c -d -o- -Isrc -Iimport -Hfimport\core\thread.di
> src\core\thread.d src\core\thread.d(1084): Error: undefined identifier
> milliseconds
> src\core\thread.d(1093): Error: function core.time.Duration.opCmp (in
> const(Duration) rhs) const is not callable using argument types (_error_)
> src\core\thread.d(1097): Error: 'val' is not a scalar, it is a Duration
> src\core\thread.d(1097): Error: 'val' is not of arithmetic type, it is a
> Duration src\core\thread.d(1099): Error: no property 'totalMilliseconds'
> for type 'Duration'

I believe that line 1084 of core.thread needs to be changed to

            auto maxSleepMillis = dur!"msecs"(uint.max - 1);

Line 1095 needs to be changed to

                Sleep( cast(uint)
                       maxSleepMillis.total!"msecs"() );

Line 1099 needs to be changed to

            Sleep( cast(uint) val.total!"msecs"() );

I believe that that will fix those, but I haven't tested them. I really should 
figure out how to build druntime in wine.

- Jonathna M Davis

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