[D-runtime] druntime commit, revision 496

dsource.org noreply at dsource.org
Mon Jan 10 06:56:22 PST 2011

druntime commit, revision 496

user: schveiguy

Array append LRU cache prevents array memory from being collected.  This fixes that problem.  See bugzilla 3929

Implemented via malloc/free for the cache, and and also a hook from the GC to allow purging of the caches during a collection cycle.

Deleting an array also now removes it from the cache.

UNTESTED ON MACOSX!  Works on Windows/Linux.


paths changed:
U   trunk/src/core/thread.d
U   trunk/src/gc/gc.d
U   trunk/src/gc/gcx.d
U   trunk/src/rt/lifetime.d

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