[D-runtime] druntime commit, revision 509

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Fri Jan 14 16:46:59 PST 2011

druntime commit, revision 509

user: Don Clugston

Improvement to Exception Chaining: When an exception is thrown and not caught before a previously thrown exception is caught, the later exception is chained to the previous one via the 'next' member of Throwable. The original exception must be caught, and this results in the capture of the entire chain.
Thrown objects derived from Error are treated differently. They bypass the normal chaining mechanism, such that the chain can only be caught by catching the first Error.
A new member of Error, 'bypassedException', points to the original exception (the head of the chain) if a bypass occurred, otherwise it is null.


paths changed:
U   trunk/import/object.di
U   trunk/src/object_.d
U   trunk/src/rt/deh.d

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