[D-runtime] Moving to github

Walter Bright walter at digitalmars.com
Mon Jan 24 01:06:21 PST 2011

Jonathan M Davis wrote:
> On Sunday 23 January 2011 23:53:27 Don Clugston wrote:
>> On 24 January 2011 07:31, Jonathan M Davis <jmdavisProg at gmx.com> wrote:
>>> On Sunday 23 January 2011 22:15:15 Brad Roberts wrote:
>>>> For what it's worth, I assumed that 'complexmath' was Don at first. :)
>>> LOL. And I thought that it might be dsimcha (but then again, I could
>>> clearly see Don on the list at that point).
>> I was sure it was dsimcha.
> He'll probably pick dsimcha though, since that's what he uses on stackoverflow, 
> as well as dsource and the newsgroup. Still, he was the first one who came to 
> mind for a username like that, given how much he seems to do with math-related 
> stuff.

I'd like as a general policy for committers to D-Programming-Language 
that real names are used. If, some time in the future, there is some 
legal question about the commits that blub8739 did, I'd like to be able 
to know who it was!

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