How do I start ? Total Newbee

zvi at zvi at
Tue Jul 18 17:04:40 PDT 2006

Hi all, I do have experiance with FileMaker, and some RAD tools. recently
started to learn C++ (GUI 
Platform) going quit well, to write my own extentions for my tools, some how I
bumped into DigitalMars 
site, it looks very promising but for this kind of work (shell,linking and so
forth) I'm a total newbee. Can 
somebody give me exactly what to down load, where and who to install? Computer
I'm mostly using is 
MAC OSX 10.3.9 G5 (currently)
Ps. If I'll get it doing properly I might write a text editor to get things
easiar going.
Thanks, a million. zvi

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