newsgroup moved to new server...

Jan Knepper jan at
Thu Jul 27 17:25:24 PDT 2006

Working on a replacement of that system. There are several web based 
systems out there. It just a matter of finding one that fits. The 
newsguy stuff was great and it was free.


Justin C Calvarese wrote:
> Jan Knepper wrote:
>> Yeah... that's because there as some issue's running the 32 bits 
>> executable on a 64 bits operating system.
>> Trying to figure those out...
>> /usr/libexec/ Undefined symbol "cerr" referenced from COPY 
>> relocation in <executable>
>> It has to do with the <executable> being linked against the dynamic 
>> libraries... If it would be static this would not be a problem. 
>> However... I do not have the sources... <sigh>
>> Jan
> Since "500 Internal Server Error" could be showing up for a long time, 
> perhaps the URLs that start with 
> "" should redirect to a simple 
> page mentioning that the problem is being worked on, but in the meantime 
> people will need to use an actual newsreader and offer a link to 
> (I don't really know how the how the web interface works. But I suppose 
> if running it on a 32-bit machine were an option, you would've already 
> done that.)
> For those that are truly desperate for news about D but lack newsgroup 
> access, recent D-related posts can be viewed from 

Jan Knepper

But as for me and my household, we shall use Mozilla...

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