Linker problems with arm-wince, need help/info

pedro alves pedro.alves at
Wed Jun 14 10:50:23 PDT 2006

Hi Chad and all,

Chad J wrote:
 > David Friedman wrote:
 >> Something I noticed in the original message:
 >> /usr/local/arm-wince-pe/EntryPoint/Console/crt0.o(.text+0x2c):
 >> undefined reference to `main'
 >> Looking at the nm output, all global symbols a prefixed with an
 >> underscore.  It looks like the main in crt0.o doesn't have an
 >> underscore (I don't think GNU ld removes prefixes for error
 >> messages.)  That might be the problem.  Does the gcc built along with
 >> gdc have the same problem?  Where does EntryPoint/Console/crt0.o come
 >> from?
 >> David
 > It works for C and C plus plus, both for console apps and windows GUI
 > apps.  Compiles without problems and runs correctly too, not sure about
 > anything more advanced then that (like exception handling).  I should
 > mention there is also an EntryPoint/Windows/crt0.o.  I wrote a dummy
 > linker that tries to determine which kind of program you are writing,
 > and calls the real linker with the appropriate startfile.  The
 > startfiles themselves originate from some of the files Mamaich used in
 > his arm-wince-pe C plus plus cross compiler.

Yes, it seems that wrong target underscoring is the problem here. I have
seen this problem too when moving Mamaich's toolchain into gcc4.

You should check cegcc's ( start files. They are
similar, but not the same.

There are other problems that I fixed for c++ and for binutils related
to underscoring. I have fixes (some are already in binutils mainline),
to enable the generation of correct dlls.

You will find patches for that at cegcc's file section.
I don't know if d is debuggable with gdb, but I have also improved on
gdb for
arm-wince-pe. For that you will need to get gdb from cegcc's svn.

That being said, are can try adding a
-fno-leading-underscore to TARGET_LIBGCC2_CFLAGS in

Pedro Alves

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