Relocating GDC

Anders F Björklund afb at
Sun Jun 18 23:44:39 PDT 2006

David Friedman wrote:

> I haven't figured this out completely, but here goes:  To get relocation 
> working under msys, the --prefix option must be the actual windows path 
> and not the unix-style path.  So, --prefix=c:/msys/1.0 would work, but 
> --prefix=/usr would not.
> For some reason, the compilers in the mingw distribution can be 
> relocated even though they are configured with --prefix=/mingw.  It 
> might have something to do with the /mingw entry in /etc/fstab...  I 
> have not yet tried building with --prefix=/mingw.  I have only tried 
> other directories in the msys tree.

The MinGW compiler does not work for gdc though (because that is what I 
had used and it didn't relocate, even if their gcc/g++ does just fine?),
so I think I will make a test with using --prefix=c:/mingw instead of 
the current --prefix=/mingw (that was taken from the default

Thanks for the idea, and let us know if you find their special trick :-)



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