debian package for gdc

Rob Cabacungan robspassky at
Wed May 2 14:15:47 PDT 2007

Arthur Loiret wrote:
> Hi :)
> I had a mail exchange with Suresh 2 weeks ago, and he told me that infortunatlly
> with the busy schedule he has he won't be able to start the package soon. So i've
> started to work on it, and I'm mentored by an ubuntu-core-dev.
> Even if I had already done a full source-separated package of gdc, independent of
> gcc, it seems to be a better idea to make a source-dependant of the gdc source
> package, which would implies to have the latest patches up-to-date and avoid
> binary name problem. Then the gcc source tarball have to be patched first
> ("sample" patch ready, about 1400 lines).
> I'll keep you in touch about my progress about this package, but I'm also going to
> be very busy next month (end-of-year exams), but will have lots of free time after ;)
> Have a nice day, Arthur.

Thanks for the update, Arthur!  I was wondering what was happening.

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