Could we have support for D in upcomming Fedora's gcc RPM?

Anders F Björklund afb at
Wed May 9 06:23:46 PDT 2007

Dejan Lekic wrote:

> Is it possible to have D support built-in in the uppcomming Fedora 7?

You mean like included in the main Fedora repository ? It could probably
go in "Extras", and since that is being merged with "Core" now it should
be as good as having it "built-in" to the distro, i.e. yum install gdc

When I post the next version at gdcgnu, I'll submit it to Fedora too.

> If so how? Can I help somehow? I would be very happy to see D in the
> new Fedora distribution... However I fear it is too late because it
> is in the feature-freeze state now, so I hope it would be possible to
> add it later on, or so.

The packages have been split lately, to allow for replacing Phobos with
Tango. So that put something of a stick in the wheel, but I haven't
been able to build a D compiler using the system GCC compiler sources.

For Mac I use Apple's GCC and for Win I use MinGW's GCC, but so far it
hasn't been worthwhile to build an Ubuntu-specific or Fedora-specific
version of GDC for GNU/Linux. Much easier to use a vanilla GCC build ?

> I guess Anders built some gcc (with D) RPMs in the past so he would
> be the right person to ask. Anders please reply. :)

I have two separate RPMs for Fedora: one .src.rpm and one .nosrc.rpm.

The first uses the source code, to compile a new GCC with D support.
The second just repackages David's binaries from the dgcc downloads.
I don't think the second variant matches Fedora policies (no source),
but the first one *might* be adopted to their packaging guidelines.
For now, my GDC packaging efforts have been cut back to providing
installers for the official inaries that David already provides....

And that RPM is hosted at the project.
Currently it's a bit old since my build machine wasn't up to it, but
I hope to get it running with "mock" so I can build for all Fedoras.


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