Any progress with inclusion of GDC into the main GCC trunk?

Kirk McDonald kirklin.mcdonald at
Thu May 10 23:03:57 PDT 2007

Dejan Lekic wrote:
> I was wondering whether GCC guys will finally put GDC into the main GCC trunk? If they refuse to do so, what are the reasons, etc...
> Last time we discussed this their response was that there is no final D specification, yet. Since there is one, now, I see no reasons not to include D (GDC) into the GCC tree.
> Maybe we should make a small petition somewhere and ASK them to do that!?
> What You think, guys?
> Kind regards

 From GCC's page on "Contributing to GCC":

"Before we can incorporate significant contributions, certain legal 
requirements must be met.

"The FSF prefers that a contributor files a copyright assignment for 
large contributions. See some documentation by the FSF for details and 
contact us (either via the gcc at list or the GCC maintainer 
that is taking care of your contributions) to obtain the relevant forms. 
The most common forms are an assignment for a specific change, an 
assignment for all future changes, and an employer disclaimer, if an 
employer or school owns work created by the developer. It's a good idea 
to send assignments at a copy of your request.

"If a contributor is reluctant to sign a copyright assignment for a 
change, a copyright disclaimer to put the change in the public domain is 
acceptable as well. The copyright disclaimer form is different than an 
employer disclaimer form. A copyright assignment is more convenient if a 
contributor plans to make several separate contributions.

"Small changes can be accepted without a copyright disclaimer or a 
copyright assignment on file."

The odds of Walter gifting his copyright on the DMD front-end code to 
the FSF are probably low.

Kirk McDonald
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