Brad Roberts braddr at puremagic.com
Wed May 30 19:47:17 PDT 2007

Stephen Waits wrote:
> Has anyone looked at marrying the D front end to LLVM?
> --Steve
I looked at llvm a while ago with an eye towards what would it take to 
hook up the D front end to it.  There were two things that stopped me:

   1) time.. I figured it'd take at least 3 months of work, quite 
possibly more.

   2) exception handling in llvm was pretty weak and D without 
exceptions seemed like a bad plan.  With llvm 2.0, that support has 
progressed a lot from what I read, but it's of interest that g++/llvm 
still doesn't support exceptions by default (it's enableable, but they 
weren't confident enough to enable it by default).

I think it'd be a very interesting experiment, but to make something 
production quality would take an investment of time that I just don't 
have.  If I took a leave of absence from work and really focused, I'm 
sure it's doable.


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