completely unable to cross-build gdc for mingw32

downs default_357-line at
Tue Feb 5 20:36:45 PST 2008

downs wrote:
> I have in the last few days made about a dozen of attempts to cross-build GDC's SVN version on GCC 4.1.2, targetting mingw32.
> I have been completely unable to get a working compiler out of this. All the compilers I tested were completely unable to handle exceptions (instead of traversing the stack, the test program, a simple "try throw new Exception(""); catch (Exception ex) { }", takes the easy way out and simply exits).
> Did anybody here have the same problem, and can help me out? What's the secret ingredient required to make GDC cross-compiling work?
> Any hints greatly appreciated,
>  --downs (desperate)

I have reproduced the problem on native Linux. It's definitely the SjLj exceptions' fault - somehow GCC's unwinding code is unable to see the handlers that GDC generated. I'm a complete noob in this regard, but I went ahead and added some debugging code that seems to indicate the stack traversal code completely ignores all present exception handlers and terminates with "bottom of stack found".

I can see two options. One, make SjLj exceptions work reliably, or two, try to get dwarf2 exceptions to work under win32.

Either way, I have no idea how to proceed. Help urgently needed.


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