cross compile

BCS ao at
Mon Feb 25 20:35:18 PST 2008

Reply to Gregor,

> BCS wrote:
>> Reply to Benjamin,
>>> "How hard
>>> would it be to cross compile to ppc from an x86 box?"
>> Let me be a bit more specific: am I looking at 5 min to get it set up
>> or more like an afternoon or a week? Also It just occurred to me that
>> while the box I'd be using is actually connected to the Internet, the
>> settings for yum and such are so foobared that it might as well not
>> be.
> I should note: Are you talking about a non-proprietary OS? If you are,
> easy. If you're not, not so much. Mac OS X in particular is difficult
> unless you get the version straight from Apple.

the target would be either the Green hills INTEGRITY RTOS* or a as yet not 
written RTOS by another company. I think they will have malloc and whatnot 
so I think I should be able to get /somthing/ working (extern (C) void doit(){ 
printf("hello world\n");} )


thanks, I'll file that away in hopes that I find time to work on that befor 
bit rot gets to it. Hell, I might even be able to work it into my job and 
get paid for it!

> - Gregor Richards

* if you ever see INTEGRITY on a job sheat and don't see lots of zeros, keep 
looking. It's not fun to work with.

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