[Issue 1041] regression: incorrect code generation for scope(exit) inside switch

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Fri Aug 13 13:24:06 PDT 2010


--- Comment #10 from Michael P <baseball.mjp at gmail.com> 2010-08-13 13:24:01 PDT ---
Well, the error in std/string.d is quite odd, because it has nothing to do with
switch statements.

Commenting out the code in ifind in the else statement to look like this: (Look
lines 352-357)
/*foreach (ptrdiff_t i, dchar c2; s)
    c2 = std.uni.toUniLower(c2);
    if (c1 == c2)
         return i;

Makes it compile string.d okay.

The next problems found in std/regexp.d can be simplified to this:

void main()
    switch( 1 )
        case 1:

Basically: nested switch statements seem to be a problem with the patch.

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