[Issue 2584] GDC on ARM does not honor volatile

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Wed Oct 10 03:56:11 PDT 2012


--- Comment #8 from Iain Buclaw <ibuclaw at ubuntu.com> 2012-10-10 03:32:04 PDT ---
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> > Note:
> > 
> > The D2-way of doing this is by using shared.
> Really? I thought it was nothing more than a type-safety marker. So shared
> actually makes a variable volatile?

Not the variable, but it's type is qualified as volatile, this produces subtly
different codegen (IIRC volatile on the var would mean it is loaded thrice
also). Given it's use in atomics, and that data-depending ordering is
essential. I felt this to be important.  Similarly for immutable, which sets
the type as being const qualified.

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