D for embedded system

Timo Sintonen t.sintonen at luukku.com
Thu Oct 18 04:36:45 PDT 2012

I have written programs with C for Arm Cortex controller boards. 
I think that D might be an interesting nut simple enough oo 
language. So far I have a working gdc for my target, but I can 
not compile the runtime library because of too many os related 
With my own makefile I can compile part of the library, so I know 
tha compiler is working. Is there a way to make a minimum 
library? Embedded systems do not have file systems or streams or 
many other things that operating systems have. There would be no 
need for the whole libaray, but the compiler needs at least the 
Object class.
So is it possible to configure a minimum library or should I just 
look at every file and remove everything that is not needed?

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