[Issue 22] Build fails with macro expansion failures for TARGET_ANDROID

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--- Comment #1 from Johannes Pfau <johannespfau at gmail.com> 2012-10-27 18:16:33 UTC ---
A recent change in gcc broke this. Workaround: Use an older gcc snapshot. The
problem: GCC now defines a TARGET_ANDROID itself which clashes with our

    * opth-gen.awk (TARGET_* generation): Always generate TARGET_<xxx>
    for Mask options, whether they use Var(...) or not.

We can probably use that TARGET_ANDROID macro and throw away our
implementation. Can you test if whether it works if you put the calls to
TARGET_ANDROID in parens? So in d-spec.c:59:

and d-spec.c:488:22:

If this does not fix it, it's probably a bug in upstream gcc as the error is in
the TARGET_ANDROID macro definition which is part of gcc.

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