Setting up a development environment for hacking GDC

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> I'm wondering, if some of you that do development on GDC could 
> briefly describe how you set up your development environment.
for me, this is a set of ugly-loking scripts which basically does what
wiki told me about building gdc. i.e. i created "workdir", copied the
whole gdc dir there (with git info), unpacked gcc there, created
"objdir" to build out-of-tree and so on. then i built gdc and installed
it in /opt/gdc. i also patched out building g++ compiler.

now if i changed something, i'm just doing 'make' in "objdir" and it is
reasonably fast. i can also invoke 'make' in various subdirs (i.e. in
phobos subdir, for example).

if i need to test the whole thing, i'm just doing 'make install', it's
not that slow too.

it's kinda lame, but it works for me.
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