Which version to use?

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> On Thursday, 24 September 2015 at 10:21:03 UTC, Johannes Pfau wrote:
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>> schrieb Jeremy DeHaan <dehaan.jeremiah at gmail.com>:
> Thanks for the info. That was pretty much what I thought.
>> BTW: Shipping prebuilt D libraries is uncommon. The main compilers
(gdc/dmd/ldc) do not produce compatible libraries. Libraries compiled with
other frontend versions are usually not compatible even when compiled with
the same compiler. If you want to provide binaries most people will
probably use the newest frontend version, so I'd say use the version from
> Is it that uncommon? I was aware they were incompatible between
frontends, so I was going to have two for each (32 and 64) and label which
frontend/compiler version they were built with. I figure that will cover
most people if they don't want to bother building them, but I'll also make
it easy for those that need/want to build them.

The more 'common' thing to do nowadays is to hook your library into dub.
No need to provide binaries of the library.


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