[Bug 242] [ICE] (const_hash_1) varasm.c:2912: Segmentation fault

via D.gnu d.gnu at puremagic.com
Sun Oct 2 10:48:21 PDT 2016


--- Comment #1 from Iain Buclaw <ibuclaw at gdcproject.org> ---
In the bad code, the frontend gives us a CallExp for:


In the good code, the frontend gives us a CallExp for:


Regardless of this slight difference between what should be identical code, the
ICE in the deep backend is because DECL_INITIAL was never generated where one
was expected.

There is a comment relating to debug emission in VarDeclaration::toObjFile.

   CONST_DECL was initially intended for enumerals and may be used for scalars
in general but not for aggregates.

This is still true as far as debugging is concerned, although for simple
aggregates (without pointers) they are represented just fine in gdb as of 7.11,
but we should probably generate an initializer anyway on the basis that it
might be used.

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