[Bug 243] D compilers are not ABI compatible

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Mon Oct 3 10:51:22 PDT 2016


--- Comment #6 from Chalix <chalix at web.de> ---
(In reply to Johannes Pfau from comment #5)
> Ideally that should be that case, but right now none of the compilers are
> ABI compatible. I hope we'll solve this problem at some point

Thank you, Johannes, that was exactly what I wanted to know :)

Would be great, if you could get the compilers ABI compatible. This also makes
it easier to detect compiler bugs, because you can test against another
compiler with a different implementation easier.

Just keep up communication with the dmd team :)

For now, I can live with the two separate libraries. And for DUB, I don't
understand the magic behind it, and it also didn't work the first time, so I
like to link my projects the conventional way^^

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