[Bug 244] cc1: warning: command line option ‘-fversion=Shared’ is valid for D but not for C

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Thu Oct 6 00:22:14 PDT 2016


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--- Comment #1 from Johannes Pfau <johannespfau at gmail.com> ---
This happens for non-D sources compiled into the libgdruntime.la and
libgphobos.la libraries. libtool is correct here though, this is an automake

If a language has full automake support, automake detects the extension and
sets --tag=language when calling libtool. As we don't have that kind of support
(requires modifying the automake perl? scripts which can only be done in the
automake source code) we have to overwrite the tag detection with

libgdruntime_la_LIBTOOLFLAGS = --tag=D

But this then applies to all sources and causes libtool to use the D setup for
.S and .c sources as well.

To solve this we have to remove all D sources from _SOURCES, add the .d.lo
'LOBJECTS' to _DEPENDENCIES and _LIBADD and remove the _LIBTOOLFLAGS = --tag=D
line. (Similar to the way we already handle the unit test libraries).

We already have a (unused?) .d.lo rule in d_rules.am which should work.

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