gdc broken by ldc-phobos-devel on Fedora

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Thu Nov 21 07:18:50 UTC 2019

Nothing much that can be done here except get the package maintainer to fix the installation paths of ldc.

The phobos/druntime sources will always differ between each compiler runtime library as there're many local changes that aren't accepted in upstream.


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On Nov 20, 2019, 10:51 PM, mipri via D.gnu < d.gnu at> wrote:
This was the case in Fedora 30, and is now the case in Fedora 31.
RPMs are available for gdc and for ldc2, but when both are
installed gdc can't compile anything as it tries to load a version
of phobos installed by ldc2 which has features gdc doesn't yet
support. For someone who's decided to just use gdc for a project,
they have the easy fix of just uninstalling ldc2, but I'd expect
that someone evaluating D as a language will be interested in
comparing the different compilers, so all the compilers will be
installed--and then only dmd and ldc will be functional.
As commands:
dnf install gcc-gdc ldc
echo 'void main() { import std.stdio; writeln("hello"); }' >
gdc hello.d
This will fail due to ldc-phobos-devel's files in /usr/include/d:
/usr/include/d/core/internal/hash.d:426:16: error: basic type
expected, not foreach
426 | static foreach (i; 0 .. T.sizeof / size_t.sizeof)
| ^
/usr/include/d/core/internal/hash.d:426:16: error: no identifier
for declarator _error_
426 | static foreach (i; 0 .. T.sizeof / size_t.sizeof)
| ^
/usr/include/d/core/internal/traits.d:175:12: error: declaration
expected, not 'foreach'
175 | static foreach (Ti; T)
| ^
/usr/include/d/core/internal/traits.d:175:26: error: no
identifier for declarator T
175 | static foreach (Ti; T)
| ^
/usr/include/d/core/internal/traits.d:175:26: error: declaration
expected, not ')'
175 | static foreach (Ti; T)
| ^
/usr/include/d/core/internal/traits.d:182:5: error: unrecognized
182 | }
| ^
gdc installs its own files into path[1] but prefers
import path[0] = /usr/include/d
import path[1] = /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-redhat-linux/9/include/d
and I haven't found a way, in gdc's manpage or in (the much less
examined) gcc documentation, to skip the first path. I'm also not
sure what a proper fix would be. Maybe the ldc rpm should be
updated to install phobos into a similarly ldc-specific directory.
Maybe a gdc update will happen soon and ldc's phobos files will be
acceptable to it.
Mainly I want to mention it here so that people can find it and
just think that gdc is broken on Fedora, like I thought for a good
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