GDC release cycle

Dennis dkorpel at
Tue Oct 1 20:44:09 UTC 2019

On Tuesday, 1 October 2019 at 20:16:14 UTC, Sjoerd Nijboer wrote:
> That's what confuses me, according to the GDC project website 
> that is linked to at the dlang download page the underlying GCC 
> version of GDC is 3 major versions behind GCC.
> Should I be worried if I want to use GDC?

As far as I understand it / remember, the DMD frontend version 
that was merged into GCC 9 was based on the last version of the 
DMD that was still written in C++ before it got bootstrapped to D 
(2.068 or something) because GCC 9 needs to be able to be 
compiled with GCC 8 (which doesn't have D).

Now GCC 9 has D, a more modern version of DMD's frontend can be 
merged into GCC 10.
However, there is some trouble because a recent bug-fix (the 
non-global template issue, 5710) made it harder to update the D 
frontend for GDC because it changed the glue code significantly, 
which has to be adapted / reverted for GCC's backend.


I haven't heard anything since, so I don't know what's going to 
Iain Buclaw is the one qualified to talk about this.

I personally just use LDC currently, which closely follows DMD 
It would be really cool if GCC contains a modern D compiler 

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