How to install GDC (or even LDC) on Raspberry pi 4 using gentoo?

Iain Buclaw ibuclaw at
Mon Oct 21 19:36:36 UTC 2019

On Thu, 12 Sep 2019 at 00:15, seany via D.gnu <d.gnu at> wrote:
> Hello
> I am using Gentoo with LXQT - a system that is more stable to my
> taste (and tests) on raspberry pi 4.
> I want to use GDC or LDC2. I cant use LDC2 on gentoo ARM - this
> is leading to an error :

[ snip ]

> If i use: sudo USE="gdc-7_3_0" emerge -vta dev-lang/ldc2, then
> this just updates the portage, and then does nothing.
> If I try to use the arm-linux-gnueabihf 2.068.2 (64 bit) from
> - then I get the error that Exec
> format error.
> How can i use d programming language on gentoo for raspberry pi 4
> ? Thank you.

You would want to start with gcc-9 as your baseline, as that's the
first release that comes with D.

I wouldn't know anything about what kind of target the Pi 4 might be
that you need to compile for other than definitely an ARM, probably a
Cortex supporting ARMv8 given that 64bit is all the rage now. :-)


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