DMD 1.018 and 2.002 releases

BCS ao at
Tue Jul 3 13:30:39 PDT 2007

Reply to Walter,

> Luís Marques wrote:
>> Walter: have you considered keeping a large code base of D projects
>> which you would try to compile and run its unit tests before each
>> release? It would be a akin to dstress, with the added benefit that
>> it would check that major projects are OK with new versions.
> I don't do that for several reasons:
> 1) Running the test suite is already an all night affair. Making it a
> week long affair makes it fairly unusable.

Does anyone else have the time (CPU and brain time) and interest to do this? 
A script that would check out all the SVN stuff from dsource and run the 
unittest would get a quite large return for the effort (that assumes stuff 
has good unittests, a worth goal in and of it's self).

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