cv2pdb 0.3 released

Bill Baxter wbaxter at
Tue Jun 9 12:25:14 PDT 2009

On Mon, Jun 8, 2009 at 3:43 PM, torhu<no at spam.invalid> wrote:
> On 05.06.2009 09:37, Rainer Schuetze wrote:
>> Hi,
>> cv2pdb is a converter of DMD CodeView debug information to PDB debug
>> format to make debugging of D applications that were created with the
>> Digital Mars compiler, as seamless as possible in current versions of
>> Visual Studio.
> This is great stuff!  Maybe the Windows debugger problem is more or less
> solved with this project.
> As someone mostly used to msvc 6, I have to say that debugging in msvc 9 is
> incredibly sluggish in comparison.  Most actions in the debugger takes
> several seconds to complete, while in msvc 6 it's more or less
> instantaneous.  Is that also the case when debugging C++?

I had an install of msvc 9 that was so incredibly slow that I just
couldn't bring myself to use it.  But other computers I've used it on
are fine.  There was nothing particularly slow about that PC where it
was running slowly, though.  I think it was just a botched install or
something.  You might try re-installing.


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