Steve Teale steve.teale at
Fri Jun 12 11:03:38 PDT 2009

Sean Kelly Wrote:

> Walter Bright wrote:
> > 
> > If it's just a list of declarations, though, I don't believe it is 
> > copyrightable, as long as you rewrite them and don't just copy/paste it.
> I think it depends.  Here's a clause from the Boost license page:
> "Does the copyright and license cover interfaces too? The conceptual 
> interface to a library isn't covered. The particular representation 
> expressed in the header is covered, as is the documentation, examples, 
> test programs, and all the other material that goes with the library. A 
> different implementation is free to use the same logical interface, 
> however. Interface issues have been fought out in court several times; 
> ask a lawyer for details."

I'm not a lawyer, I don't have access to one, and if I did, I'm not about to spend the money, so it will have to stay GPL, as is.

Sad really!


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