Serialization for D. Comments, please!

grauzone none at
Sun Jun 14 08:41:31 PDT 2009

BCS wrote:
>> introduce annotations into the language.
> NO, not an option.

What, why? Sure, this is not a realistic option.

> Well, I can switch the default but, in my experience, most of the time 
> repetition doesn't matter. I also dissagree on the "relatively useless 

Oh really?

> optimization" bit, it adds some not exactly trivial overhead in about 3 
> or 4 different places.

Maybe it costs a hash table lookup, but apart from that, you're saving 
space and time for marshaling additional instances. Of course, this is 
different with structs. But structs are value types.

>>>> - function pointers?
>>>> - delegates?
>>> I won't
>> Forces the user to use interfaces instead of delegates.
> interfaces are not supported either.

But supporting interfaces would be very simple.

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