Serialization for D. Comments, please!

BCS ao at
Thu Jun 18 13:48:33 PDT 2009

Reply to grauzone,

> BCS wrote:
>> The demarshaller function is indexed via a string derived from the
>> original object. What would the marshaller function key on? The best
>> I can think of right now is the typeinfo and as of now, that's broken
>> under DLLs
> DLLs are broken in general. There are many more problems associated
> with them, and you won't be happy with them. I write all my code with
> the assumption in mind, that TypeInfos/ClassInfos for the same type
> always are the same instance.

On second pass, even putting DLLs aside, I can't count on typeinfo being 
the same in both sides because I can't even count on them being in the same 
process, exe or even under the same compiler, OS or CPU.

Can you get the mangled name of an object instance at runtime via typeinfo?

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