Diamond, a D Memory Debugger (and profiler)

Vladimir Panteleev thecybershadow at gmail.com
Sun Jun 21 11:34:16 PDT 2009

I've been working on this project on and off for over a year, and  
presented it as part of my graduation thesis on memory management in D. I  
think I'm done working on it for a while (due to many other projects  
begging for attention), and even though there's still things that could be  
finished or improved, it's quite useful as it is now.

Diamond is a post-mortem memory debugger and profiler. It is composed of  
two parts:
  * a module, which should be imported before any other modules in the  
project to be debugged
  * a memory log analyzer, which allows inspecting generated memory logs

The module logs all memory operations to a file, as well as periodic  
memory snapshots (before garbage collects). Some logging options are  

Diamond aims to facilitate debugging memory leaks (data referenced by  
bogus pointers), memory corruption and other problems. It was written for  
D1 (both Phobos and Tango), D2 support is untested at best.

Runtime module features:
  * logs all memory events, with timestamps and call stacks
  * exports C functions, allowing debuggee to log memory maps or snapshots  
at any time, as well as log text comments
  * has optional memory debugging features, like checking free calls and  
stomping on deallocated memory

Log analyzer features:
  * uses map files to display symbols in call stacks
  * can seek through the log file, allowing to examine the application  
state at different points in time
  * can display "top allocators" - call stacks that allocated most bytes
  * can filter memory events by address range
  * can display a visual "memory map" [1] (useful for quickly finding large  
areas the GC shouldn't be scanning for pointers)
  * can search for references (pointers) to a certain memory range
  * can dump a region of memory to screen

Things still to be done:
  * documentation
  * more type information (by hooking higher-level allocators)
  * dumping data segment and thread stacks (currently only the heap is  
  * more runtime library options

Project homepage:


Best regards,
  Vladimir                          mailto:thecybershadow at gmail.com

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