boxen - a media player written in D (preview)

Michael Mittner m.mittner at
Tue Feb 9 12:47:13 PST 2010


I have hacked together a preview version of the media player I'm working on. 
It's developing rather nicely and last weekend I was able to tie together a 
lot of loose ends. The project is in a presentable state for the first time 
now, so I wanted to just release a quick preview for the D community before 
starting the next round of refactoring.

Unfortunately it's currently Windows only and you need an audio interface 
with ASIO for it. If you like to try it out please fell free to download. 
There's also a PDF in the archive with some more information.

I would be glad if you guys could have a look at it and tell me what you 
think. If you are affiliated with one of the open source projects I use 
(Cairo, FFmpeg) please forgive me that I haven't yet put in the proper 
attribution. I'm planning on making the first "official" release after the 
next round of refactoring, and I will put in the relevant notices then.


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