boxen media player preview, part 2

Michael Mittner m.mittner at
Wed Feb 10 09:16:25 PST 2010

For all who read my last post, I've fixed the bluescreen bug that was in the 
last preview (and tested with a couple of audio interfaces from different 
manufacturers, turns out that my own hardware is just immune to buffer 
overflows). So I figured I put up another .zip, this time with all needed 
files and the fixed version (and upgraded to Tango 0.99.9).

Maybe I should go into a bit more detail of what this project is all about. 
To call it a media player right now is a bit wrong - currently it's audio 
only. Video is definitely planned and bits of the video infrastructure are 
in place already, but video is no priority for now.

Playing audio files is just the first stage of this project. In its current 
form it is more or less a tech demo. Having a useful purpose (playing audio 
files) allows me to build all the components (especially the user interface) 
and test them before going on to build more complicated things with it.

When the first stage is finished, which is after some planned refactoring 
and putting in MIDI (and lots of small features like m3u support for 
example) the system will be usable as a reference audio player for musicians 
and audio technicians; I'm trying to make it as correct and accurate as 
possible. This milestone also incorporates a Windows installer, Linux 
repository and project website.

The next milestone will be a D2 port, the addition of virtual turntables, 
MIDI controllers, audio effects and various other functionality that is 
needed for digital DJing. I already have a rather complete VST 2.4 
implementation which will be in there as well; the Linux port will support 
LADSPA of course.

And from there on I have planned lots of things, but I don't yet know what 
is actually doable and what not, so I figure I'll focus on building an audio 
player first.

Anyway, that's it and I'll be back to work then.


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