Tango 0.99.9 Kai released

Nick Sabalausky a at a.a
Wed Feb 10 12:54:59 PST 2010

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> Nick Sabalausky Wrote:
>> If you grab the Tango+DMD bundle from the Tango site, then it's exactly 
>> the
>> same as installing DMD/Phobos: Just unzip, set path, and run.
> So I shouldn't need to change anything at all in my project? All Phobos 
> calls will by default be handled correctly? That's nice.

At the moment, no. Currently, Tango is D1-only, but druntime (the thing that 
is supposed to allow Tango and Phobos to play nice together on a single 
installation) is D2-only. So once Tango is ported to D2, I'd imagine there 
will probably be a Tango+DMD2 bundle that will include phobos and all your 
tango *and* phobos calls should work fine. But on D1, a DMD installation is 
either a tango one or a phobos one (unless you use some ugly hacks).

This is what I'd recommend for D1. This is pretty much the way I do it and I 
find it very easy:

1. Grab a Phobos-based DMD from digitalmars.com and unzip it to something 
like "dmd-phobos".

2. Grab a Tango+DMD bundle from the Tango site and unzip it to something 
like "dmd-tango".

3. Set your path to "dmd/bin" (Yes, "dmd", not "dmd-phobos" or "dmd-tango", 
just "dmd").

4. Windows: Create a batch script "Switch to DMD Phobos.bat" that deletes 
the "dmd" directory tree and then copies "dmd-phobos" to "dmd". Do the same 
for Tango, and then run either of those when you want to switch.

Ex (Helpful because I find the appropriate rmdir and xcopy switches to be 
incredibly hard to remember)
@echo off
echo Switching to Tango...

echo Removing old dmd...
rmdir /S /Q dmd

echo Copying new dmd...
xcopy dmd-tango dmd /E /C /I /Q /H /K /Y

echo Done!

4. Unix: Same as windows but make "dmd" a symlink to 
"dmd-phobos"/"dmd-tango" instead of actually copying (I *think* that should 
work. If not, you can still just copy it like on Windows). And obviously use 
sh or bash or something instead of batch.

Not sure offhand of the cmd-line to do that, but should be easy to google if 
you don't already know anyway.

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