Tango 0.99.9 Kai released

strtr strtr at spam.com
Wed Feb 10 21:11:01 PST 2010

Nick Sabalausky Wrote:
> At the moment, no. Currently, Tango is D1-only, but druntime (the thing that 
> is supposed to allow Tango and Phobos to play nice together on a single 
> installation) is D2-only. So once Tango is ported to D2, I'd imagine there 
> will probably be a Tango+DMD2 bundle that will include phobos and all your 
> tango *and* phobos calls should work fine. But on D1, a DMD installation is 
> either a tango one or a phobos one (unless you use some ugly hacks).

I thought Tangobos was packaged in and would handle all Phobos calls without much hassle. 

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