dpldocs.info - easy redirect to phobos docs

Adam Ruppe destructionator at gmail.com
Sat Feb 20 09:15:35 PST 2010

One of the (few) things I like about PHP is the ease with which you
can get to the docs. You can just put the name into your browser, and
it comes right up:


I set up something similar for D today: dpldocs.info. (I tried to find
a better name, but everything else I thought up was already taken.)


Will automatically redirect you to the right place on the Digital Mars
website. I do this with a simple script manipulating the string. You
have to do a full name - std.string.chop rather than just chop.

Future directions for it would be to make it a smart searcher, so you
wouldn't need to use perfect fully qualified names anymore. It would
be nice to have a category listing of functions in Phobos too, so you
can find things without knowing the module or function names.

But, I'm short on time, so the simple redirect is all I'll have for now.

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