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Adam D. Ruppe destructionator at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 14:26:26 PST 2010

On Mon, Feb 22, 2010 at 10:47:01PM +0100, Philippe Sigaud wrote:
> What kind of help would you need? It's already quite efficient and would
> complement quite well the search already present on the Phobos pages.

I'll probably want people's suggestions for tagging functions. Though it is
working well enough already that I might be able to handle it myself.

What would probably be most valuable is collecting data from searches that
didn't work - if you punched in some terms that came up with nothing or
garbage instead of what you expected.

I think I can automate this to some degree. Log people's searches and what
page they ultimately went to, then eyeball those logs to fix up the search

Anyway, I'll post to the group and/or write a note on the dpldocs homepage
if I need more than that. In the mean time, if anyone searches for an
intuitive term and it doesn't work, let me know. Experienced users are
invaluable for that.

> Trick question: what about the changes in Phobos coming with each new DMD
> version?

To generate the database I have now, I wrote a small program (in D -
http://dpldocs.info/src/gen.d ) to pull the <a name> tags out of the
generated Phobos docs and put them in a database.

Pulling it out of the ddoc generated html ensures I get everything that
has a  page I can link to, and nothing that doesn't, avoiding 404s on Digital

When the new dmd comes out, I'll just run that program again. Then, I just
have to fix up the tags part of database, to ensure they are still associated
with the right functions. That should be easy enough to automate too, though
I'm just doing it by hand so far, since there are so few tags in there.

Adam D. Ruppe

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