AI Challenge - Ants

Jesse Phillips jessekphillips+d at
Sat Oct 22 09:49:15 PDT 2011

For those who didn't see. AI Challenge, an event sponsored by Google, 
supports the use of D 2.054 and provides a starter pack.

>From the D.learn post:

So here is the deal: You write a program that controls a population of
ants. You get a number of ant hills and explore the map with your ant
horde looking for food to produce more ants and enemy ant hills that you
can raze for points.
There is fog-of-war and obstacles. Moving ants in groups gives them better
chances to survive by outnumbering enemies. The map is on a grid and ants
wrap around if they move over the edges. A match usually has between 2-8
players and is turn based. The players make their moves simultaneously
within a time window of 500ms. Oh yeah and it is free to sign up and
requires no previous knowledge in AI programming.

Feel free to ask questions on the IRC channel #aichallenge on Freenode.

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