Native GTK bindings v2

Artur Skawina art.08.09 at
Fri Jun 1 07:44:14 PDT 2012

On 06/01/12 12:01, timotheecour wrote:
> Have you tested it on osx?

No. You are probably the first person to try it on osx.

> I get lots of errors such as Error: module Atk from file gtk2/atk.d conflicts with another module Atk from file gtk2/atk.d etc...
> I'm wondering whether it's due to case insensitivity on OSX/windows. I thought the convention was to use all lowercase for module names. As it is it seems to create collisions.

Weird, never happened here (linux). All (gtk) D module file names use only
lower case ASCII, so case-insensitivity and/or normalization shouldn't cause
problems. What are you doing when you get the above error?

> Also there were a few other errors which I had tweak for eg:
> phobos/std/bitmanip.d(66): Error: shift by 32 is outside the range 0..31
> phobos/std/bitmanip.d(149): Error: template instance std.bitmanip.createAccessors!("_mantissa_low_mantissa_high_biased_exponent_sign",uint,"mantissa_low",32,0u) error instantiating
> phobos/std/bitmanip.d(203):        instantiated from here: createFields!("_mantissa_low_mantissa_high_biased_exponent_sign",0,uint,"mantissa_low",32,uint,"mantissa_high",20,uint,"biased_exponent",11,uint,"sign",1)
> .../girtod/gtk2/glib2.d(3528):        instantiated from here: bitfields!(uint,"mantissa_low",32,uint,"mantissa_high",20,uint,"biased_exponent",11,uint,"sign",1)

This appears to be a std.bitmanip.bitfields bug. Doesn't happen here.
You can just comment out that struct definition to make things compile.
(these bitfields are not accessible anyway, because of a girtod bug, which
i only noticed now and will fix soon).

What compiler/version?


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