Vibe.d 0.7.4 release

Sönke Ludwig sludwig at
Sun Jun 3 09:43:28 PDT 2012

Version 0.7.4 is a larger release after some releases that were mostly 
for bugfixing and performance tuning. There have been a lot of 
improvements and fixes since the first release in april. The change log 
gives an overview:

There is also a newsgroup with a DFeed frontend available since two weeks:


Also the VPM package registry is now open for any github hosted projects:

There are also some new packages:
  - zeal.d: higher level MVC framework on top of vibe.d
  - sass: a simple wrapper for the sass preprocessor (CSS with expressions)
  - mysql-native: native port of a MySQL client driver that Steve Teale 
has written some time ago - this one could use a maintainer who is 
actually using MySQL...

Next up there will be two new Windows back ends with GUI event 
interoperability and implicit worker threads to which incoming requests 
are distributed.


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