libffi-d version 1.1 released

Alex Rønne Petersen alex at
Mon Jun 11 03:14:24 PDT 2012

I never actually announced the 1.0 release because I wanted to give the 
library some time to mature. I believe that version 1.1 is polished and 
battle-tested, and usable for real world applications (in Lycus, we use 
it in two major projects currently; one is a virtual machine, another is 
a CPU REPL/emulator).

Note that libffi-d is not just a binding to libffi; it is also a 
wrapper. The declarations for the C interface are publicly available, 
but libffi-d also provides a clean and more D-like interface to libffi.

The blog post only lists changes since 1.0. Here are the actual changes 
since I first announced the project's existence:

* Actual support for Windows (libffi binaries available on the GitHub 
downloads page).
* Support for building with D 2.0 versions of the GDC compiler.
* Support for building with D 2.0 versions of the LDC compiler.
* Support for stdcall in Windows builds.
* Support for structs passed by value.
* Support for the closure API.
* Invalid values for FFI_TRAMPOLINE_SIZE on some platforms fixed.
* New Waf-based build system.
* The Visual D project files are now only for VS 11 and Visual D 0.3.32.

If you encounter any issues with the library, please open an issue on 
the GitHub issue tracker.


Alex Rønne Petersen
alex at

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