libgc-d version 1.1 released

Alex Rønne Petersen alex at
Mon Jun 11 03:22:37 PDT 2012

As with libffi-d, version 1.0 was never announced here due to letting 
the library mature a bit first. It should now be ready for actual use 
(we use it in our virtual machine in Lycus).

libgc-d is pretty much just a binding; no fancy wrappers exist here. The 
only actual D code in libgc-d consists of the new pointer reachability 
and hiding helpers.

The blog post only lists changes since 1.0. Here are the actual changes 
since I first announced the project's existence:

* Support for libgc's typed GC API.
* Support for building with D 2.0 versions of the GDC compiler.
* Support for building with D 2.0 versions of the LDC compiler.
* New Waf-based build system.
* GC initialization fixes in the test suite.
* Added a helper function for marking pointer reachability.
* Added helper functions to hide/reveal pointers for disappearing links.

Note that the library has not been tested on Windows and has no build 
system in place for that platform either. We may look into this later if 
we decide that Windows support is something we care about. But patches 
welcome, of course! ;)

If you encounter any issues with the library, please open an issue on 
the GitHub issue tracker.


Alex Rønne Petersen
alex at

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