JPG and PNG decoder

David d at
Sun Jun 17 05:35:40 PDT 2012

Am 16.06.2012 21:10, schrieb cal:
> I've been working on decoders for simple (baseline) JPEG and PNG's,
> mostly for my own amusement, and they seem to work ok now, so if anyone
> has need of some simple D modules to load these formats you can grab
> them here:
> Notes:
> - Will load 8-bit baseline sequential JPEG's only. All PNG image types
> are supported (only critical chunks are decoded however).
> - Can load from a stream or a file. In the case of the PNG's, this
> allows progressive display with an interlaced image.
> - I haven't put much effort into speeding up these routines, and have
> not tested the JPEG decoder extensively, so there are bound to be bugs
> and there is plenty room for improvement.
> - The example shows stream usage, and uses Adam Ruppe's simpledisplay to
> make a little viewer, that can flick through all images in a directory.
> Cheers,
> cal

Cool so I don't need to use my stb_image binding ( ) anylonger!

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