A couple of new libraries

Matthias Pleh benutzer at example.com
Thu Jun 21 01:06:47 PDT 2012

Am 20.06.2012 23:20, schrieb BLM768:
>> Can you tell us more about the GUI library, like:
>> * Which platforms and GUI systems it's available on
>> * Does it use native drawing operations
>> * Or is it more directed to gaming
> It's currently Windows-only, but the plan is to make it cross-platform.
> It's designed for native widgets. So far, it just does windows, buttons,
> and text fields, but adding other controls shouldn't be too difficult.
> The goal is to create as simple and intuitive of an interface as
> possible, even if it means sacrificing a few advanced features that are
> rarely used.

What's the advantage over the existing libraries?
Why have you choosen to build a library from scratch, instead of 
improving an existing one?


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