HibernateD and DDBC - ORM and DB abstraction layer for D

Nick Sabalausky SeeWebsiteToContactMe at semitwist.com
Fri Apr 5 13:51:47 PDT 2013

On Wed, 03 Apr 2013 20:01:54 +0200
"Vadim Lopatin" <coolreader.org at gmail.com> wrote:
> Besides connection replacement, I've added some getters to 
> retrieve resultset and parameters metadata from mysqln, to 
> support NULL blobs, and some more fixes.

I fixed the NULL blob thing in the main mysql-native's master a few
weeks ago. I'll take a look at the rest.

On Thu, 04 Apr 2013 00:50:39 +0200
"Robert" <jfanatiker at gmx.at> wrote:
> :-S The better way would be to just depend on a Stream interface
> and switch implementations by instantiating different classes. -> 
> The used Stream interface would of course need to be factored out 
> of vibe, ideally into the standard library.
> This would be way more flexible: Users of the library can use 
> either implementation without even having to recompile the 
> library. No additional runtime cost either.

That would indeed be more flexible, but I'm not sure I can imagine a
reason to ever use anything besides phobos connections and vibe.d
connections (but maybe I'm wrong?). Plus, hopefully phobos connections
will eventually gain the ability to work like vibe.d connections and
obviate the need for vibe.d to have it's own connections. So I'm not
sure whether it would really be worth it.

> "-version" should not be used too liberally in my opinion, 
> because it is really inflexible, especially when it comes to 
> binary/shared libraries.

I wasn't talking about using -version to switch between
implementations. Just to disable the dependency on vibe.d (which of
course would also disable the *option* of using vibe.d connections).

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