Article: Increasing the D Compiler Speed by Over 75%

Leandro Lucarella luca at
Fri Aug 2 08:44:13 PDT 2013

Walter Bright, el 30 de July a las 11:13 me escribiste:
> On 7/30/2013 2:59 AM, Leandro Lucarella wrote:
> >I just want to point out that being so much people getting this wrong
> >(and even fighting to convince other people that the wrong
> >interpretation is right) might be an indication that the message you
> >wanted to give in that blog is not extremely clear :)
> It never occurred to me that anyone would have any difficulty
> understanding the notion of "speed". After all, we deal with it
> every day when driving.

That's a completely different context, and I don't think anyone think in
terms of percentage of speed in the daily life (you just say "my car is
twice as fast" or stuff like that, but I think people hardly say "my car
is 10% faster" in informal contexts).

For me the problem is, because in informal contexts one tend to think in
multipliers of speed, not percentages (or at least I do), is where the
confusion comes from, is somehow counter intuitive. I understood what
you mean, but I had to think about it, my first reaction was to think
you were saying the compiler took 1/4 of the original time. Then I did
the math and verified what you said was correct. But I had to do the

I'm not say is right or wrong for people to have this reflex of thinking
about multipliers, I'm just saying if you care about transmitting the
message as clear as you can, is better to use numbers everybody can
intuitively think about.

And this is in reply to Andrei too. I understand your POV, but if your
main goal is communication (instead of education about side topics),
I think is better to stick with numbers and language that minimizes
confusion and misinterpretations.

Just a humble opinion of yours truly.

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