DCD: Autocomplete without the IDE

Brian Schott briancschott at gmail.com
Sun Sep 1 03:58:27 PDT 2013

* What is it?
DCD is a client and server program that work together to provide 
autocomplete suggestions and function call tips to almost any 
text editor that supports scripting or plugins.

* Who is it for?
People who would like autocomplete, but don't want to give up 
their favorite editor for an IDE.

* Where is it?
GitHub! https://github.com/Hackerpilot/DCD

* What does it look like?
There's a short demo video on Youtube: 

* What editors does it work with?
Textadept, Kate/KDevelop, Vim, and Emacs. The Textadept 
integration script is the reference implementation.

* This sounds a lot like GoCode
It does, doesn't it?

* Does it work?
Yes and no. DCD is fairly new, and not all of the features you'd 
expect from a D autocompletion engine are present. I do feel that 
it's enough of an improvement over not having autocomplete to 
make this alpha announcement.

* Should I file bug reports in this announcement thread?
No. Add them here: 

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