Implementing and optimizing a simple graph metric

bearophile bearophileHUGS at
Wed Sep 18 08:22:50 PDT 2013

Joseph Rushton Wakeling:

> I haven't yet tried alloca or other manual memory management -- 
> I felt a bit resistant to this as I'd prefer to keep the code 
> simple and readable -- but I'll give that a go too just to see 
> how it goes.

I'd like some stack-allocated variable-length array in D+Phobos, 
as in C++14. It's also a basis to build several other 
stack-allocated data structures.

> However, my impression now is that having or not having it, or 
> any other method (e.g. enum T0, T1, etc.) makes absolutely no 
> difference, and that I might as well be simple and write 0 for 
> integral-types, 0.0 for floating-point.

Right. And this could be right even if you want T=Rational.


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