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Fri Jun 5 09:10:46 PDT 2015

On Thursday, 4 June 2015 at 15:04:05 UTC, Vladimir Panteleev 
> Many major and minor improvements.
> Some major ones:
> - theme, fully responsive and mobile-friendly
> - keyboard navigation in all views
> - automatically saved post drafts
> - get notified of new posts and replies with subscriptions
> - full text search
> - by persistent request, a new view mode (vertical-split)
> - post to mailing lists
> - even faster, believe it or not.
> This update is the sum of 256 commits over 34 days of 
> development.

Looks really nice, I particularly like the improved speed, reply 
notifications (though haven't tried it yet) and subscriptions. 
Keyboard navigation is interesting, but I've always found it a 
bit clunky (especially because combined with scrolling, it often 
doesn't update the current post so pressing k/j goes somewhere 
else on the screen, but I guess space makes more sense in that 
situation). A shortcut for navigating to the next page would not 
be amiss however.

One thing that I've always found annoying is how difficult it is 
to open up multiple threads in a new tab in Basic mode. Any post 
that you haven't read you have to move your mouse to the far left 
to click it, any post you have read you have to move your mouse 
to the far right to go to the next unread post. I usually just 
open up most updated threads in a new tab, so you're constantly 
going back and forth from far left to far right. It would be nice 
if there was a way to go to the first post on an unread thread or 
the first unread post on a read thread without having to move 
across the page.

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